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Course curriculum

    1. Why is Finance Relevant for Interviews?

    2. Why do Trades Happen?

    3. Quiz: Trades & Markets

    4. What are Markets?

    5. Quiz: What are Markets?

    6. Cash and Currencies

    7. Stocks 101

    8. Quiz: Stocks 101

    9. Introduction to Bonds

    10. Quiz: Bonds

    11. What is Shorting - An Overview [External]

    12. Shorting Explained - In Depth [External]

    13. Quiz: Shorting

    14. Introduction to Futures

    15. Quiz: Futures

    16. Bond Futures Brainteaser

    17. Introduction to Options [External]

    18. Options as Insurance Contracts & More

    19. Quiz: Options

    20. Options on Coin Flip Brainteaser

    21. Options on a Uniform RV Brainteaser

    22. Cryptocurrencies

    23. Deep Dive into ETFs [External]

    24. Risk vs Return

    25. Quiz: Risk vs Return

    26. Weighted 2 Asset Portfolio: Leverage

    27. Weighted 2 Asset Portfolio: Diversification

    28. Quiz: Leverage & Diversification

    1. What is your Fair?

    2. Quiz: Fairs

    3. Market Making Language

    4. Quiz: Market Making Language

    5. Introduction to Order Books

    6. Quiz: Order Book

    7. Arbitrage

    8. Quiz: Arbitrage

    9. Hedging

    10. Quiz: Hedging

    11. Hedging Brainteaser

    12. Market Making

    13. Quiz: Market Making

    14. MM Order Book Strategy

    15. Quiz: MM Order Book Strategy

    16. Market Making Risks

    17. Adverse Selection Brainteaser

    18. Quiz: Market Making Risks

    19. Market Making Business

    20. Strategy Methodologies

    21. Prop Firms

    1. Application Process

    2. How to Prepare

    3. Company Events

    4. Trading Competitions

    5. CV & Cover Letter

    1. Online Assessment

    2. Mental Math

    3. Mental Math: Basics

    4. Mental Math: Estimation

    5. Mental Math: Text

    6. Mental Math: Audio I

    7. Mental Math: Audio II

    8. Mental Math: Audio III

    9. Mental Math: Fermi Estimates

    10. Mental Math: Brainteasers

    1. General Interview Etiquette

    2. Behavioral Phone Screen

    3. Technical Interview

    4. Final Round

About this course

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  • Lots of interactive quizzes, brainteasers, and games
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Who Are We?

We are two students at the end of their studies that have interviewed at 8 top tier trading companies and received offers for trading or research roles from all of the following firms:

  • Jump Trading
  • Jane Street
  • Citadel Securities
  • SIG
  • DRW
  • And one more

To learn more about our story, check out the video above.

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  • Is there a free preview of the course available?

    Yes, you can register above and gain free access to selected videos of the course curriculum to get insights into our content.

  • Is this course enough to prepare for trading interviews?

    That is the goal of this course. That said, we do not think it is enough to passively watch through this course once and then head into an interview. We re-iterate this many times during the course, but actively doing practice questions, and thinking about the provided problem sets is extremely important to practice your problem solving skills. Depending on the firm, there might also be more specific areas that require a bit more attention than what we cover in this course. For instance, we do not go into detail on how to prepare for a programming interview since there already exists so much content on this. We do, however, provide further helpful pointers to resources useful for such interviews.

  • What does [External] refer to with respect to the lessons?

    We believe that there is a lot of amazing content already on the internet. When creating this course, for some topics, we found existing content on the internet. If we thought that someone already created a video lesson covering everything we wanted to say in a high-quality, digestible format, we included this as a reference instead of going over the same topic ourselves. Note that these videos are not part the displayed course content length.

  • How much time do I need for this course?

    Including external references, the estimated course content duration of this course is beyond 15 hours. Besides carefully watching this, we also highly recommend pausing the videos when practice problems are presented and spending time solving our quizzes. Thus, ideally you can spend 30h of focused time on this course to gain the most out of it. Of course, spending further time on more practice problems can be extremely beneficial as well.

  • Is this course relevant for internships or full-time applications?

    It is relevant for both! During our interview experiences, we have received not only internship offers but also full-time offers from some firms. Note that generally the interview processes for full-time roles are very similar to those for internships, typically just extended by a bit or with a slight increase in complexity. That said, some firms almost exclusively hire graduates through their internship programs. Thus, it can certainly make sense to first focus on landing an internship instead of directly jumping into full-time applications.

  • Do I need any prerequisites to take this course?

    Note that this course is not an introductory probability or math course. That means, we do not go over basic definitions and expect some familiarity with basic math concepts. However, the course does not require any high-level mathematics. Brainteasers as asked in most trading interviews typically do not require any more than 1st year mathematics (but there can of course be exceptions).

  • For what roles is this course relevant (Researcher, Trader, Developer...)?

    We believe this course is relevant for basically all trader and researcher based roles. Note that a lot of firms have different names for similar roles (e.g. systematic trader, semi-systematic trader, quant trader, analyst, quant researcher). As outlined during the course, the distinction between the interview processes of these roles is somewhat limited. At most firms, you will need to be able to solve standard quant brainteasers for all of these roles which is what we cover in detail. For some, you will additionally need to do programming or data science based interviews. Such programming-type interviews typically look similar to classical software engineering interviews and are not the focus of this course. Nonetheless, we provide some resources that can be used to prepare for these.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Since this is a digital product that can be consumed, we do generally not offer refunds.

  • How long do I get access to the course?

    Once purchased, you gain access to all the course's content for 120 days. We believe this is more than enough to work through everything for most people. Note that this is not a subscription based model and there is no automatic renewal or subscription cancellation required from you.

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